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Sneaky Estrogens

With estrogen dominance increasing in our general population and it’s known link to the development of rampant cancers such as breast, cervical and endometrial cancer, I feel that this is an area I can address in most all patients. It is not uncommon for my female patients to show signs of estrogen dominance from an […]

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Healthy Teeth – Healthy You

I spend a lot of time speaking with patients on ways to improve their health.  One area that is very important but can often be over looked is our teeth.  We all know brushing and flossing are key components to daily tooth care, however there are many foods which help improve tooth mineralization, plaque removal […]

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Get Spicy

Spices…they create warm tantalzing aromas, mouth watering flavors and the unique dishes that have everyone wanting the recipe.  But did you know they can make a dramatic impact on your health?  Paprika, Pepper, Tumeric, Cumin, Cinnamon, Garlic, Rosemary….mmm.   Spices – -decrease inflammation within the body -potent antioxidants -decrease insulin response -decrease the need for […]

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Detox Plan

Parties, Vacations and Drinks oh my!

Are the summer festivities beginning to catch up with you?  These times of celebration tend to go hand in hand with staying up later, choosing the french fries over the salad and having a little more alcohol than you normally would.  Your body can recover quickly from short little bursts of splurges but after time […]

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Shoulder Pain

Joint pain?

“It’s a paradigm shift” Science is catching on!  Let’s give our joints some love and naturally decrease overall inflammation. “It’s a paradigm shift,” said Dr. William Robinson, the senior author of a study published in Sunday’s Nature Medicine. …. …But the medical community has also blamed “simple wear and tear, like tires gradually wearing out on […]

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Do you want a Soda with that?

Soda Soda has the delicious and highly addictive mixture of caffeine and sugar.  Toss a diet soda in and you get the lovely addition of artificial sweeteners.  Sipping on this liquid candy can be a tasty treat every once and a while but making it a part of your daily routine can have a very […]

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Summer Freedom

Summer is officially here!  A new season brings fresh invigorated life to our daily grind and this transition should be celebrated!  Garden crops are preparing for harvest while sunflowers and peppers are beginning to take off as the days get warmer and longer.  The wild parrots are rousing us Southern Californians from bed with their […]

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IV Therapies

Clean up those Blood Vessels.

Opening myself up to new therapies to treat stubborn cholesterol, liver function, viral infections, neurological issues and memory loss and I found Patricia Kane PhD who has done some fabulous research on using Phospatidylcholine in I.V. form.  This protocol she has developed uses phosphatidylcholine to stabalize cellular membranes which improve their function then follows with folic […]

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Stacked Stones

Replenish your Beach Body

The sun is shining and the smell of BBQ is in the air; that also means bathing suit season is around the corner.  I always encourage working out and an active lifestyle but did you know there are a few key minerals and amino acids that become depleted after intense exercise and others that will […]

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The Beauty of Sea Buckthorn

What is Sea Buckthorn? The winter hardy shrub, Hippaophae rhammnoides, is native to Eurasia and is widely known as an ornamental plant. Popular for its bright orange berries that last throughout winter, the protective thorns and its ability to fix nitrogen in depleted soil. The Vitamin C rich berries give it is tart flavor, making […]

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