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HEAL Natural Medicine was formed in 2013.  HEAL is a family-oriented natural medical office focusing on Naturopathic Medicine, B-12 Vitamin Injections, Reiki and Chiropractic care.  As an intentionally small business, we handle every aspect of the patient’s care.  From the phone calls to creating treatment plans- you won’t get lost in the shuffle.

Dr. Bridget Anderson brings a personal touch to her medicine practice.  Focusing on you and creating treatments to revitalize your life.  Dr. Anderson works from the principal that true health is supporting four key areas: Physical health (diet, hormones, laboratory markers), Emotional health (energy work, stress management), Mental health (ideal work/home/life balance) and Spiritual health (being connected to the earth and world around you).

Dr. Jeff Anderson has a passion for functional chiropractic care.  Working with the patient to develop a comprehensive treatment plan, he focuses on full range of motion in all joints no matter how small.  Specializing in the extremities, he uses his fine tuned technique with Graston tools to break down scar tissue so your joint can fully heal.

The doctors live in Tustin, CA together with their two children.  They can often be spotted in their front yard garden picking watermelons or playing bocce ball with family,


Meet the Doctors










Dr. Bridget Anderson

Dr. Bridget Anderson’s lifelong affinity for health and the human body naturally led her to pursue a career in the medical profession. While working for an M.D. in college, Bridget was disillusioned by the massive amounts of medications being prescribed; nearly every patient who walked through the doors left with a prescription.

Bridget believed there had to be a better way to address these patients’ issues than just sending them to the pharmacy. She set out to find that better way, and in the process discovered her passion, Naturopathic Medicine. Bridget continues to learn, grow, and thrive in her natural approach to health care.

Whittier College, May 2004
National College of Naturopathic Medicine, June 2010

Post Graduate Training and Experience:
Reiki I, Reiki II,
Bio-Identical Hormones
California ‘IV Therapy Certified’ Doctor










Dr. Jeff Anderson

A competitive athlete who endured chronic knee and ankle injuries on the basketball court, as well as repetitive overuse injuries to his shoulder from playing tennis, Dr. Jeff Anderson understands first hand how to achieve and optimize recovery despite pain and physical limitations.

Using a combination of deep tissue muscle work, chiropractic adjusting, and strengthening exercises, Dr. Jeff Anderson knows how to optimize the human bodies recovery process.  From Olympic athletes, to weekend warriors, to those individuals confined to an office cubical; no one should suffer from unnecessary pain!

Colorado State University, June 2006
University of Western States Chiropractic College, June 2010

Post Graduate Training and Experience:
Graston & Gua Sha
Kinesio Tape
Extensive Upper Extremity Sports and Injuries Training (shoulder, elbow, wrist/hands)
Extensive Lower Extremity Sports and Injuries Training (hip, knee, ankle/feet)