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HEAL your Prostate

What is the prostate? The prostate is spongy gland about the size of a walnut that surrounds the neck of the male bladder and urethra.  During the male orgasm, the prostate gets your “boys” or sperm ready by secreting a slightly alkaline fluid, which decreases the acidity of the seminal fluid and secretes Prostate Specific […]

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Are Food Sensitivities Making Me Fat?

Food is meant to be nourishing, give us energy and allow us to perform optimally.  But how often do you feel tired, bloated and gassy or have brain fog after a meal?   Or you may be having difficulty losing weight or experiencing vague symptoms but your labs are “normal”?  You may have undiscovered food […]

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Skin Cancer 101

It’s time to bear all and discuss our skin.  When was the last time you really took a close look at your skin?  Examined all of its beauty marks, spots, moles and dimples?  If it’s been more than a month it’s been too long. There are 3.5 million new cases of skin cancer annually and […]

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Get Physical!

We all get busy planning trips, parties, family occasions and work deadlines.  The one thing that gets easy to put off is our annual physical!  Meeting with your doctor at least yearly is a great way to begin meeting your health goals and making sure you are preventing not only treating disease! There are two […]

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Spring Cleaning

Shake out the drapes, dust the shelves, clean all the windows….it’s spring!  Spring cleaning is not a new practice and it does wonders to freshen up the home after a cold shut in winter.  Did you know doing a little internal spring cleaning is just as important to our health? Why Spring Cleanse? Our metabolism […]

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Stacked Stones

Travel and HEAL

Imagine yourself lounging on a white beach, sipping an iced beverage and full from the delicious lunch at the local hot spot…but then your stomach begins to gurgle, you notice once un-tanned skin prickling in the heat and you feel the relaxation slip quickly away as you realize it might be a trip to the […]

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