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Get Spicy

Spices…they create warm tantalzing aromas, mouth watering flavors and the unique dishes that have everyone wanting the recipe.  But did you know they can make a dramatic impact on your health?  Paprika, Pepper, Tumeric, Cumin, Cinnamon, Garlic, Rosemary….mmm.   Spices – -decrease inflammation within the body -potent antioxidants -decrease insulin response -decrease the need for […]

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Shoulder Pain

Joint pain?

“It’s a paradigm shift” Science is catching on!  Let’s give our joints some love and naturally decrease overall inflammation. “It’s a paradigm shift,” said Dr. William Robinson, the senior author of a study published in Sunday’s Nature Medicine. …. …But the medical community has also blamed “simple wear and tear, like tires gradually wearing out on […]

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Are Food Sensitivities Making Me Fat?

Food is meant to be nourishing, give us energy and allow us to perform optimally.  But how often do you feel tired, bloated and gassy or have brain fog after a meal?   Or you may be having difficulty losing weight or experiencing vague symptoms but your labs are “normal”?  You may have undiscovered food […]

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