Summer Freedom

Summer is officially here! 

A new season brings fresh invigorated life to our daily grind and this transition should be celebrated!  Garden crops are preparing for harvest while sunflowers and peppers are beginning to take off as the days get warmer and longer.  The wild parrots are rousing us Southern Californians from bed with their calls and we are seeing our first June bugs bouncing against windowpanes.

Health is not only feeling physically fit without aches and pains but it includes supporting our mental and emotional aspects as well.  Just as our physical health requires some work, choosing the salad over deep-fried Twinkies; our mental and emotional support needs daily upkeep.  Fortunately there are simple ways to ‘treat’ our mental and emotional health daily.

1.  Set your intention-

Entering the summer season, take a moment to reflect and write down the major things you feel are holding you emotionally back.  It could be things such as a fear of failure, possessiveness, impatience, anger or jealousy.  Now tear it up or toss it in a fire.  Feel yourself free from those charged emotions.

With this new freedom, write down your healing intention for the summer.  There are no rules and can be as general or specific as you like.   Say your intention out loud and your intention has been set!  Revisit this intention as much as you want and place it in a visible spot if you enjoy daily reinforcement.

2.  Gratitude-

Begin a gratitude log.  Jot down 3 things you are happy about each morning while waiting for that coffee or tea to brew.  Spinning your thoughts towards the positive each morning will carry throughout the day.

3.  Breathe-

Dedicate yourself to 3 intentional deep breaths a day.  This moment of stillness will bring instant relaxation and grounding.  Set your phone to remind you or possibly after your gratitude log!

4.  Laugh-

Sign up for a daily joke email, have your favorite comic strip desk calendar, watch a few minutes of stand up or set a cell phone reminder to smile.  Laughter triggers an endorphin release, instantly relaxes muscles and boosts the immune system all while positively shifting our mental and emotional perception!

5.  Medicinal Blends-

Homeopathy, Flower Essences and Herbal medicine can be specially blended or chosen for you to address specific needs or goals.  This can be a key component to successfully supporting your mental and emotional health.  Herbs such as St. John’s Wort, Lemon Balm, Avena, Passionflower or Scullcap can help sooth your nervous system while supporting mental and emotional relaxation.  Speak with your naturopathic doctor or local herbalist for more suggestions and to discuss any potential contraindications to herbal supplements.

Enjoy the summer and celebrate your emotional freedom!