Joint pain?

Shoulder Pain

“It’s a paradigm shift”

Science is catching on!  Let’s give our joints some love and naturally decrease overall inflammation.

“It’s a paradigm shift,” said Dr. William Robinson, the senior author of a study published in Sunday’s Nature Medicine. ….

…But the medical community has also blamed “simple wear and tear, like tires gradually wearing out on a car,” Robinson said.

Complement system

The Stanford study found something different.

The problem isn’t just injury, but the body’s response to it, said Robinson, associate professor of immunology and rheumatology at Stanford’s School of Medicine.

When the body senses damage to cartilage — even tiny microscopic tears, without symptoms — a primitive arm of the immune system kicks into gear. This system, called the “complement system,” also protects against viruses and bacteria.

It cranks out inflammatory proteins and little enzymes, which attack the joint. This continues for years, even decades.

Then, when force is put on the damaged joint, it suffers tiny fractures. Over time, the bone remodels itself so the joint grows larger and more blocky. With movement, it doesn’t glide normally, but causes pain.

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