Clean up those Blood Vessels.

IV Therapies

Opening myself up to new therapies to treat stubborn cholesterol, liver function, viral infections, neurological issues and memory loss and I found Patricia Kane PhD who has done some fabulous research on using Phospatidylcholine in I.V. form.  This protocol she has developed uses phosphatidylcholine to stabalize cellular membranes which improve their function then follows with folic acid and glutathione to stabalize DNA and detoxify.

Always willing to try things on myself first…I paired up with an MD and we began the I.V. therapy.  I felt a sensation of warmth and could smell the fatty acid but it was painless and after I felt very relaxed and a little healthier.  The research was so well done and the wide variety of conditions it treats will definetely start me on my own research but there just might be a new I.V. therapy available at HEAL!


Phosphatidylcholine –


PC supports endothelial (and every other type) cell membranes and therefore can stabilize the dysfunction which appears to be a regular part of the coronary artery disease process. As a fat emulsifier PC holds the potential to actually reverse the accumulation of plaque inside the arteries. Clinically one would expect to see reductions in angina, and in CRP and cholesterol levels while HDL may rise. Improving the composition of cell membranes will also reduce the tendency to plaque, and to abnormal coagulability (thick blood) of the blood. It has been found that IV and oral PC along with balanced fatty acids can also improve neurologic and liver function, memory, and athletic endurance. It may be able to reverse fatty liver and enhance brain development in children.  It may be useful in anti-aging protocols, as witnessed by 30% longer life spans in experimental animals (rats) despite the fact that the PC was started relatively later in the life of the animals, and rejeuvenation of rat myocytes (heart muscle cells) in vitro. PC levels in all tissue decrease with age, and PC treatment is able to reverse age related changes in the lipid membrane composition, thus rejeuvenating all cells. The lipid neuronal cell membranes are turned over and made new every 24 hours, so adequate presence of PC and the correct balance of essential fats and oils can make rapid and significant inroads into neurodegenerative conditions. Beneficial changes may slow within 4 months of discontinuation of IV and oral supplementation, so a lifetime maintanence program may be necessary.

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