The Beauty of Sea Buckthorn

What is Sea Buckthorn?

The winter hardy shrub, Hippaophae rhammnoides, is native to Eurasia and is widely known as an ornamental plant. Popular for its bright orange berries that last throughout winter, the protective thorns and its ability to fix nitrogen in depleted soil. The Vitamin C rich berries give it is tart flavor, making it perfect for jams, jellies and pies used commonly in Russia, Finland, Sweden and Estonia. The Sea Buckthorn is rich in essential fatty acids (EFA) 3, 6 and 9. It is also rich in omega – 7 which differentiates this oil from most other plant oils. Combining these EFAs with the phytochemicals; flavinoids, carotenoids, and phytosterols allow for potent healing benefits. (1)

What are the Benefits of Sea Buckthorn?

Skin health – I personally use a Sea Buckthorn face soap from Sibu which I feel has improved my overall skin quality. Sea Buckthorn essential fatty acids (3,6,7 and 9) and phytochemicals make it very useful for a variety of skin conditions such as burns, eczema, radiation injury and acne. Sea Buckthorn oil has also been shown to absorb UV light, making it a nice ingredient in skin-care to prevent sun damage. (2)

Healthy mucous membranes – The essential fatty acid omega – 7 in particular supports healthy mucous membranes of the gut, mouth, vagina and cervix. Studies have shown great success regenerating and healing gastric ulcers, cervicitis, and ulcerative stomatitis with oral and topical sea buckthorn oil. (3) The EFAs, flavinoids, Vitamin E and high Vitamin C content promote tissue regeneration, improve immune function and reduce oxidative damage.

There are many claims being made of Sea Buckthorn as a weight loss aid however I have not found a reliable source stating the physiology behind this claim. Nonetheless, this power-packed berry can be used to promote healthy skin, immune function and mucous membranes! For more information on ways to increase your antioxidants and support health visit HEAL Natural Medicine.

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